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Unity Care NSW home has a lot of the same qualities as a personal home.

It has the same rhythm with people coming and going, the same communal approach to mealtimes and preparation, and even chores.


Group-home care is a type of care given to a group of people with similar disabilities within a residence. This kind of treatment option can be offered for those with intellectual disabilities, medical conditions, or a combination of both. Group home care is also frequently helpful for elderly people who cannot be left alone for safety reasons due to the risk of falls or other injuries.

Group Home Care

Individual Care

Medicare Home

Group-home care is a form of treatment and care for individuals who cannot adequately manage on their own or in their own homes.

With a group-home arrangement, that individual is cared for along with others who all live in the same community or building.

Group-home care is often more affordable than in-home one-on-one care and may be subsidized in part by Medicare, Medicaid, or long-term care insurance policies.

Our Full List of Services

  • Accommodation/ Tenancy (0101)

  • Assist- Life Stage, Transition (0106)

  • Assist- Personal Activities (0107)

  • Assist- Travel/Transport (0108)

  • Behaviour Support (0110)

  • Home Modification (0111)

  • Community Nursing Care (0114)

  • Daily Task/Shared Living (0115)

  • Innovative Community Participation (0116)

  • Development- Life Skills (0117)

  • Early Childhood Supports (0118)

  • Household Tasks (0120)

  • Participate Community (0125)

  • Plan Management (0127)

  • Therapeutic Supports (0128)

  • Specialised Disability Accommodation (0131)

  • Support Coordination (1032)

  • Group/Centre Activities (0136)

An affordable pricing structure

Our price plans are highly competitive, offering a less expensive alternative to other forms of residential care and comparing very nicely with other home plans. To find out more about prices for our services, do feel free to call us and discuss your specific needs.


Speak to our family advisor now and we can start your plan for a better way forward.

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