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What are the 8 domains of NDIS?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

There are eight specific domains of the framework of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and these are as follows:


The NDIS takes into account the way that your loved one can undertake support or receive support for domestic chores as well as maintain a home that is as safe as possible.

Lifelong Learning

This NDIS support includes access to all methods of learning, both formal and informal. Educational engagement skills are included, as well as home skills that can be learned for better stability.

Health & Wellbeing

Personal hygiene is a big part of health and wellbeing, and this NDIS support element is the management of the health and diet needs of the participant. Water intake, exercise and medication are all included in this area, too.

Day-To-Day Living

This considers what your loved one will need to maintain their independence during the day. This includes communication, time management, personal care and commitments.


Fulfilment comes from having somewhere to feel needed, and part-time work can lead to this. NDIS care providers work hard to help participants of NDIS plans to obtain and maintain employment long term.


Personal connections and relationships are essential, and this NDIS support can help to support those connections. There is also help for those who do not have access to a circle of friends or do not have any family.

Social and Community Participation

Interactions in terms of attending social community events and volunteering are important, and it’s seen as a key to personal happiness and growth.

Choice and Control

Person-centred care plans allow an element of control over how the care is given, and this NDIS support enables a participant to have autonomy over the supports that they want to engage in.

Individualised Care Plans

The one thing that stands out with NDIS plan management providers is that you can obtain a care plan that is wholly individual and tailored to the needs of your loved one. The chosen supports that you want to be involved with are entirely up to you and your loved one, with your support implemented through an individualised plan. When you determine your eligibility for NDIS funding, one of our managers will sit down with you to talk you through the application process.

You’ll then be able to decide on the support that you want for you and your loved one.

Individualised NDIS plans aren’t just based on the needs of today, but of the aspirations and goals that you have for the future. Practical and emotional support needs are covered, and with the right consultation with your NDIS approved providers, you also have the chance to adapt your individualised plan, later on, should you wish to.

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